Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How Many Worms are in a Pound of Bed Run Worms?

That seems like a really simple question, but it isn't.

My standard response is a couple of hundred which covers the range of ages that I expect in a delivery..

However, I cannot tell you exactly how many you will receive because the number of worms in a pound will vary widely depending on size of the worms in the bed run area where I harvest them.

Consider if you will how many humans there are in ten thousand pounds:     30 NFL linebackers
     50 of me

    100 teenagers

   300 toddlers
   1000 infants
So there may be 30-1000 humans in ten thousand pounds of humans. While that seems a bit snarky, I think it illustrates my point.
What you have in a bed run delivery is a mix of worms of all ages (including cocoons).
Also, it is not the number of worms, but their mass that is important for vermicomposting. It is their mass after all that determines how much food waste they can process into vermicompost.
If you wist to count worms, have at it.