Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home Efficiency 2010 Continued-- the FLIR results

These photos from Erik ( show air leakage in our home in several area. These were generated by using a blower door to create a vacuum in our home. Erik's FLIR camera showed where warmer outside air was getting in. The bottom scale in the images is degrees F.

Air coming in around the tongue and groove ceiling in the porch addition. Not bad.

Air flowing (perrty freely!) around and through the attic hatch. This is really bad and needs to be addressed.

Warm air moving the the ceiling above Bert's office where the outside air was getting pulled in through the soffit escaping the proper vent (see and moving under the insulation above her head (in the winter this would be cold air blowing in and making her cold!).

Here the sill plate is not sealed and is allowing air to come in from outside. When I felt this area it was like a breeze blowing on my hand.

I am waiting for Erik's report to determine the next steps and develop a plan to submit to Efficiency Maine for the rebate.



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