Saturday, December 15, 2012

The many benefits of vermicomposting

Let's review many benefits of vermicomposting

Benefits in your Home

  • Reduce the amount of organic matter in your trash

    1. fewer bags
    2. less stinky!
  • Provides free soil amendment and fertilizer
  • Great fun for children
  • You are recycling nutrients into your yard

Economic Benefits (Micro and Macro)
  • Saves you money
    1. you don't have to buy fertilizer
    2. directly save money if you have pay-per-bag for trash
  • Saves your town money
    1. less trash= less diesel to haul trash
    2. less trash= lower tipping fees at landfill
  • If your town uses trash-to-steam, organic wastes is not an efficient source of energy
Benefits to Soil (when vermicompost is used outside)
  • Improves its physical structure or tilth
  • Establishes and supports soil micro-organisms
  • Improves water holding capacity
Benefits to Plants
  • Improves plant health
    1. Enhances germination & growth
  • Improves root growth and structure
    1. Enhances uptake of nutrients and micronutrients

Environmental Benefits
  • Most of the above are great for the environment
    1. less diesel to transport waste
    2. recycling waste on-site
    3. reducing the need to produce fertilizer
  • Improving soil structure leads to healthier plants
    1. need less water
    2. need fewer pesticides
  • Improving soil in your yard= less runoff
If you're not vermicomposting, why not start today. If you already have a worm bin, consider giving a bin and some of your worms as a gift. Just make a bin and give a half gallon worms and vermicompost (bed run) from an active area of your bin to a friend or family member. They will thank you!



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